To create economic and social impact by advancing engineering education, research and scholarship on behalf of Australian universities.

Priority Objectives


  • Promotion: To provide a forum for Australian leaders of engineering education to discuss matters of mutual concern and national importance, thereby contributing to matters such as raising general community awareness on the need for and value of high-quality engineering education, research training in the higher education sector.
  • Engagement: To further the interests of engineering education and research in the higher education through engagement and outreach with relevant national and international bodies, particularly EA, AaeE and NZCED
  • Policy: To develop positions and make statements on relevant issues in response to government inquiries and concerns of professional and industry bodies, and to the media and the general community
  • Projects: To initiate and conduct reviews and projects consistent with its mission. This would include monitoring the state of engineering education and scholarship, benchmarking programs and resources and the quality of outcomes
  • Leadership: To support the development